PailPRO High-Productivity Pail Handlers

A ratchet web strap and an adjustable top clamp securely hold the pail and a nicely geared hand crank means it's not too slow.

Morse Sized

Morse (Syracuse, NY) introduces two feature-packed new models in the popular PailPRO line of Morse pail handlers:

PailPRO Model 83:

  • Lift, move, pour a 5-gallon (20L) pail
  • Step down floor lock
  • Pour pail at up to up to 5 feet (1.5 m)
  • Ratchet web strap and adjustable top clamp securely hold pail
  • Nicely geared hand crank for moderate effort; not too slow
  • Hand wheel for control through 360 degrees of pail rotation, either direction
  • Lock pail at tilt angle

PailPRO Model 83S-XR:

All 83 features, plus:

  • Pour pail 20" (50.8 cm) beyond front wheels
  • Counterweighted for extended reach

See them in action:

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