40V Cordless Hole Puncher

It is ideally suited for on-site hole punching where power is not available or hard to access.

Hougen Sized

Hougen Manufacturing (Swartz Creek, MI) has introduced a new battery-powered Hougen-Ogura Punch-Pro Electro-hydraulic portable hole puncher. The new 40V battery powered unit, 76004PR model, can be easily operated on-site where electric power may not be available or high up on a man-lift where power is not readily accessible. A powerful 40 volt battery packs enough punch to generate 17 tons of punching force and can punch round or oblong holes up to 25/32″ diameter in 3/8″ mild steel in as little as 4 seconds. The unit’s throat depth is 1-9/16″ and it can punch flat bar, angle iron, H-steel & channel.

Weighing just 24.9 lbs the 76004PR cordless hole puncher is ideally suited for applications typically done with electric hand-held twist drills. The operator can easily position the tool when working in narrow or awkward positions by rotating the handle 360 degrees in either direction during operation. The punch can be jogged down to the center mark to confirm hole location accuracy. The model includes the new “Power Retractable” Punch system which allows the operator to power reverse the punch back out of the hole. This improves productivity in harder, more elastic materials which tend to grip the punch (not allowing it to auto return to the home position) after the hole is produced.

www.hougen.com, 810-635-7111

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