Flow Meter Solution Delivers Reliable, Accurate Measurement in Challenging Applications

Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter optimizes performance in applications with high-temperature, high-viscosity or abrasive liquids.

Emerson Sized

Emerson (Shakopee, MN) has released the Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter, a fully integrated solution consisting of a wedge primary sensor element, supporting components and a selectable Rosemount pressure transmitter.

The new meter’s unique flexible design is ideal for measuring process fluids with a wide range of demanding characteristics in various heavy industry applications, including metals and mining, oil and gas, renewable fuels, chemicals and petrochemicals, pulp and paper, and others.

It can be very difficult to measure volumetric flow accurately and reliably in applications where the process liquid is highly viscous, extremely abrasive, prone to plugging, at high temperature, or a combination of these conditions. In applications with low ambient temperatures, hot process media, or a combination of both, heat tracing is often required, necessitating supply of electrical power, and creating a maintenance-intensive single point of failure.

The Rosemount 9195 Wedge Flow Meter addresses these and other common measurement challenges with its unique design. The wedge element itself has no small passages that could plug due to entrained particles, and it is abrasion-resistant due to the shallow approach angle of the process liquid and the lack of critical sharp edges. Highly viscous liquids are measured accurately due to the linear response of the meter, even at low Reynolds numbers.

The sensor’s operating temperature range is -40 to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 538 degrees Celsius), and the meter is available with Emerson’s Rosemount 3051S Thermal Range Expander for measuring hot or viscous liquids, without the need for heat tracing.


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