Switches Unlimited Releases New Turck FS+ Compact Flow Sensors

The FS+ Compact Flow Sensors offer maximum protection even in harsh industrial environments.

Switches Unlimited

Switches Unlimited (Long Island City, NY) announced the release of Turck’s next-generation FS+ Flow Sensor series, now with an alphanumeric LED display. This display indicates process conditions locally while programmable discrete or analog outputs communicate with the controlling system.


  • Sensors designed for use in applications such as coolant flow monitoring in automated welding and machining processes, level control and redundant process verification in water and wastewater treatment applications
  • Enables reliable and repeatable monitoring of liquid media
  • Can be used in almost all industrial applications due in part to modular mechanical concept and wide range of process adapters
  • Used primarily to increase plant availability and to reduce downtim
  • Makes engineering process smoother with many different connection options for integrating them into both new and existing systems, as well as simple and intuitive commissioning
  • Offers maximum protection even in harsh industrial environments
  • Stainless-steel housing and one-piece cover
  • Less susceptible to wear
  • Enclosure made from materials resistant to both UV radiation and salt spray
  • Kept completely free from moisture and dust, even when used outdoors

By using the Quick Teach function directly on the sensor, the flow switching point can be set quickly and safely in just a few steps. The four-digit alphanumeric display shows either the process value of flow or the media temperature. The sensor automatically becomes locked if it has not been used for five minutes. The sensor can also be locked manually at any time to prevent any operating errors.

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