Tormach Unveils 1500MX CNC Mill

The mill combines professional-grade capabilities with easy-to-use compact versatility.


Tormach (Madison, WI) announced the Tormach 1500MX CNC Mill. 

Tormach’s new 1500MX is a 3-axis, servo-driven mill on linear rails with an epoxy granite frame that combines professional-grade capabilities with easy-to-use compact versatility, making it ideal for both commercial enterprises and garage-based enthusiasts


  • 4HP, 10K RPM BT30 spindle (with maximum of 6HP)
  • Delivers ample torque for cutting through various materials
  • Offers enough spindle speed to take advantage of modern carbide tooling
  • Thru-spindle coolant (TSC) ready
  • Servo motors with absolute encoders boasting 23-bit accuracy and battery backup
  • Eliminates need for machine referencing, ensuring uninterrupted precision even between power cycles
  • Cutting feed rates of up to 1200IPM (XY)
  • Built-in camera for real-time monitoring
  • Error message logs for troubleshooting
  • Tool rack options for enhanced organization
  • Otimized to pair with Tormach’s industrial robot, ZA6, for light machine automation capabilities
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