Team 3D Prints Giant 27.5-Foot Skeleton

It took 120 hours to print.

Moti Digital 3D is a digital marketing firm based in Mexico. The company recently printed a giant skeleton for the Mexican Festival of Light celebrations in Guadalajara.

The structure was printed on a Massivit 1800.

By the Numbers:

  • The skeleton is 27.5-feet long and 11.8-feet tall.
  • It took 120 hours to print.
  • More than 330 pounds of resin was used.
  • More than 330 pounds of polyurethane foam was used.
  • More than 440 pounds of steel was used for the support structure.
  • The total structure weighs more than 1,100 pounds.

Massivit 3D debuted the new printer in March 2019 at industry showcases in Shanghai and Munich.

The company targets the advertising, entertainment and architectural sectors. According the company, the Massivit 1800 Pro optimizes durability and resolution, offers options for operating remotely, and includes a proprietary variable resolution capability. 

The latter feature, officials said, allows users to alter the resolution and thickness of a print “on the fly,” including for faster printing of larger objects.

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