Nexa3D Launches XiP Pro Industrial 3D Printer

With a 19.5-liter build volume, a single XiP Pro delivers the daily throughput of at least four competitive resin-based printers.

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Nexa3D announced today the immediate availability of its XiP Pro ultrafast industrial 3D printer, providing the highest daily production throughput and lowest total cost of ownership in its class. Featuring print speeds exponentially faster than the traditional SLA and DLP-based technologies, a more powerful print engine, and a 19.5-liter build volume, the XiP Pro delivers previously unattainable production capabilities for industrial users.

For companies looking to leverage additive manufacturing to de-risk and streamline supply chains, scaling production economically has been a challenge due to the inherent tradeoffs between print speed and production quality. Add to that the capital intensity associated with establishing an additive factory and the on-going operational costs, the return on investment becomes elusive. Thankfully, with XiP Pro there is no need to compromise.

With a 19.5-liter build volume, a single XiP Pro delivers the daily throughput of at least four competitive resin-based printers, allowing users to dramatically change the economics of 3D printing production, on top of reducing capital investment in equipment. With its unique stacking ability, users can optimize each build by stacking smaller parts on top of one another to take full advantage of XiP Pro’s entire z-stage.

Tradeoffs have always been a key component of 3D printing – for example, compromises in quality need to be made for fast production. With an industry-leading print speed of up to 24 vertical centimeters per hour, XiP Pro can produce its entire build volume in under two hours without sacrificing print quality or surface finish. Its patented LCD-based print technology uses a self-lubricating membrane that reduces peel forces and enables lightning-fast print speed.

In addition to offering outstanding speed and throughput capabilities, the XiP Pro boasts a cutting-edge 7K resolution LCD screen with 46µm pixel size ensuring that every detail of a design is captured with unparalleled precision, and resulting in finished products that are both stunning and accurate. The XiP Pro’s advanced sensor package, adaptive layer-by-layer printing technology, and closed-loop z-stage with auto-homing capabilities deliver enhanced printability and improved first-time build success rate.

The XiP Pro is an open platform printer that offers a broad range of high-performance materials, ranging from strong and durable resins, such as xABS, xPP, and xCE, to elastomeric materials, such as xFLEX475 and xFLEX402, providing virtual limitless material options. It is the most versatile industrial 3D printer on the market - whether prototyping in clear or modeling resins or producing end-use components and 3D printed molds using heat-resistant resins, like xPEEK, xCERAMIC or xMOLD.

XiP Pro comes with a new and enhanced NexaX OS, an intelligent, scalable platform for workflow automation, speed, efficiency, and productivity, featuring faster print prep engine and remote monitoring. The new NexaX OS suite enables faster and more automated workflow, fleet management and remote monitoring. It also allows for faster generation of support structures in multiple shapes, faster slicing, border compensation on base layers, and print file size reduction, all of which further optimize and accelerate print prep and build time.

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