Alternative Meat 3D Printer Gets $6M

The company prints matrix "meat."

Redefine Meat 3 D Printer 5d794648e0627
Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat is developing an alternative-meat 3D printer that they plan to release in 2020.

The company yesterday completed a $6 million seed round led by CPT Capital, Israel-based Hanaco Ventures and Germany's largest poultry company, the PHW Group. Redefine Meat will use the investment to finalize the design.

Redefine Meat’s animal-free meat is comprised of natural and sustainable ingredients that deliver the same appearance, texture and flavor of animal meat.

They company was founded in 2018 with the goal of "offering a superior meat production technology that delivers products that are indistinguishable from high quality animal meat." The technology combines a proprietary semi-industrial 3D digital printing platform, a 3D meat modeling system and plant-based food formulations.

The solution delivers a new category of complex matrix "meat" that is cost effective and scalable for steaks, roasts and stews.

The technology will also enable meat distributors and retailers to design the characteristics of their meat to cater for seasonality, changing demands and consumers preferences with "printed meat" that is 100 percent predictable and replicable.

Redefine Meat products have a 95 percent smaller environmental impact than animal meat and contain no cholesterol.

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