Stellite Powder for Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

Unlocks superior wear and corrosion resistance for applications in oil and gas, power generation and more.

Kennametal Stellite 21 Am Powder

Kennametal Inc. announces the launch of Stellite 21 AM powder, the first Stellite powder qualified for laser powder bed additive manufacturing, and the latest addition to Kennametal Additive Manufacturing’s portfolio of high-performance metal powders optimized for 3D printing.

With Stellite 21 AM powder, the unique corrosion and wear-resistant properties of the Stellite alloy family are now available for laser powder bed additive platforms to produce high-performance wear components for the oil and gas and power generation industries.

The business drew on deep expertise in metal powder production for hard facing and thermal spray applications to develop Stellite 21 AM powder. It is available direct to customers for use in their own 3D printing applications or in combination with Kennametal’s end-to-end additive production capabilities to make fully finished components.

Valued for its superior wear and corrosion resistance, the Stellite 21 alloy has a long history of success in traditional manufacturing applications in the oil and gas, power generation and aerospace industries. Stellite 21 AM powder enables customers to achieve similar wear and corrosion resistance properties in additively manufactured parts. It is ideally suited for flow control applications and can be integrated into complex designs to mitigate cavitation, erosion, or corrosion failures.

The new powder’s composition features a Cobalt Chrome Molybdenum alloy matrix, containing dispersed hard carbides which strengthen the alloy and increase its hardness while decreasing the material’s ductility. It also has excellent corrosion and thermal shock and mechanical shock resistance.

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