Multi-Channel PC Interface

For automotive test systems and industrial applications.

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HMS Networks extends its Ixxat PC-interface portfolio with the multi-channel interface CAN-IB 640/PCIe that offers four channels each for CAN-FD/CAN and LIN connectivity.

Modern automotive systems and complex industrial applications often include several parallel CAN and CAN-FD networks which must be connected to test, monitoring, and/or control systems at the same time. With the multi-channel Ixxat CAN-IB 640/PCIe interface, HMS makes network connectivity and integration straightforward and cost-efficient for users.

Featuring four channels for CAN-FD/CAN and LIN connectivity respectively, the CAN-IB 640/PCIe covers the needs of most applications with only one card. And, if even more connectivity is required, several CAN-IB640/PCIe cards can be operated in parallel – a feature supported by all Ixxat CAN interfaces, enabling smart and scalable networking for users.

The CAN-IB 640/PCIe is an active PC-interface with a powerful onboard microcontroller system, which is able to read, timestamp and filter large amounts of data in real-time. The network connection is done via two D-Sub 9 connectors, which are galvanically isolated to protect the interface card and the connected PC system.

All Ixxat CAN interfaces come with extensive driver packages for Windows and Linux, including SocketCAN. The drivers allow easy and fast development of customer-specific applications, most notably since all Ixxat PCI-cards can be interfaced from the application in the same way. This enables very flexible and versatile switching between different types of Ixxat PC-interfaces, e.g. USB, PCIe, PCIe Mini, and Ethernet, without needing to adapt the customer application software each time. 

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