Heat-Resistant and Heated Head Diaphragm Pumps

Heat-resistant pumps withstand temperatures up to 240 degrees Celsius.

Heated Heat Resistant Pumps 4x4 300dpi Cmyk

KNF offers heat-resistant and heated head diaphragm pumps, with heat-resistant pumps able to withstand temperatures to 240 °C.

For sampling and analysis of hot gases and vapors, KNF heated head pumps are designed not only handle high heat, but also maintain consistent media temperature. This feature prevents constituents from condensing out, ensuring more accurate results. 

KNF heat-resistant and heated head pumps offer high gas-tightness, chemically-resistant flow paths, and flow rates from 6-100 L/min. Options include: 

  • Temperature control
  • Temperature isolation
  • Alternative motors and materials

Learn more at https://knf.com/en/us/heated.

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