PVS28 Parts Verification Sensor Provides Optical Sensing, Intuitive Indication

The PVS28 provides maximum flexibility with two easy-to-use adjustable sensing ranges.

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Banner Engineering

Banner Engineering (Minneapolis, MN) introduced the PVS28 parts verification sensor, designed for visual operator guidance with touchless activation in picking, assembly and fulfillment applications.


  • Diffuse mode - adjustable range of 20 mm to 500 mm
  • Retroreflective mode - up to 1000 mm with reflector
  • Quick disconnect, 150 mm 5-pin M12 connector
  • Three teachable modes: object mode, background mode, window mode
  • Teach process simplified by visual feedback, including mode confirmation and signal strength
  • Green light that informs operator which bin to pick from
  • Yellow light that gives automatic acknowledgement of pick when hand or object is detected
  • Red light that indicates wrong bin was picked from
  • Touchless activation

The PVS28 has a discrete input and output and is programmable through Banner’s free Pro Editor software. Users can change indicator colors and animations, plus output logic including delays.

Pro Editor makes it easy to add custom colors and animations for enhanced status indication and intuitive operator guidance. Up to a total of seven colors are available for unique identification of operators and statuses. Users can also select from eight animations, such as intensity sweep, 50/50 flash, chase and more.


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