Fluoramics Introduces Dropper Tip Oilers to Replace Pocket Oilers

Dropper tip oilers dispense products precisely with drop-by-drop control.

Compu Lubegears1500px2

Fluoramics (Winona, MN) announced the new dropper tip style of oilers to replace the previous pocket oiler packaging for the “a drop will do you” feature of most Fluoramics products.

Dropper tip oilers dispense products precisely with drop-by-drop control through a plastic tip directly onto the area to be oiled. 

This new 16.5 mL (.557 fl oz) packaging includes:

  • Tufoil Lubit-8
  • Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil
  • Compu-Lube

Tufoil Lubit-8:

  • Prevents rust
  • Acts as cleaning agent
  • Stops locks from freezing
  • Penetrates deeply to free “frozen” nuts and bolts
  • Extends service life of precision bearings
  • Leaves no oily residue
  • Compatible with all oils and greases
  • Remains stable from -51°C to +260°C (-60°F to +500°F)

Rust-Stopping Lubricating Oil:

  • Stops rust
  • Provides lubrication
  • Soaks deep into cracks and crevices
  • Displaces water and forms boundary film between metal and moisture


  • Ideal for lubricating computer and high-speed mechanisms  
  • Acts as cleaning agent
  • Helps prevent rust
  • Features high dielectric constant 


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