Smooth-Top Case for Mobile Electronics

For installing displays, push buttons and LEDs.

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OKW’s innovative and elegant new Slim-Case for mobile devices is now available in a smooth-top version for installing displays, push buttons and LEDs.

Ergonomic Slim-Case (IP 54/65) is the new-generation handheld enclosure for:

  • Mobile measuring and control applications
  • Wireless communications
  • IoT/IIoT
  • Healthcare
  • Laboratories
  • Offices
  • Safety engineering
  • Environmental technology

Slim-Case underlines its aesthetic credentials with a virtually frameless, low-profile design and soft contours that enhance the ergonomics. There is plenty of space inside for PCBs, plug connectors, interfaces and sensors.

Slim-Case can accommodate inductive charging with the correct coil and NFC technology with Qi chargers. Power can be supplied by a flat battery mounted on the PCB.

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