Plant Optimization Software Increases Production Throuhput, Efficiency

PlantESP monitors control loop performance across a plant or multiple sites.

Plant Esp Screen 1
Control Station

Control Station (Manchester, CT) announced PlantESP software for increasing plant production throughput and efficiency by leveraging historized data to optimize control loops.

PlantESP features:

  • Monitors control loop performance across a plant or multiple sites
  • Provides advanced warning of mechanical, tuning and interaction issues
  • Performs root-cause analysis
  • Provides suggestions for corrective action
  • Automatically generates management, engineering operations and maintenance reports that document performance details and support internal communications

The software communicates with all major historians including the AVEVA PI System, Aspen IP-21, Canary Labs and others using industry standard protocols.

PlantESP's overarching functions include:

  • Calculation engine for KPI target metrics, analysis and setting thresholds, power spectrum, cross correlation and corrective action recommendations
  • Visualization engine for alerts, trends and gauges, reports and notes
  • System operations for historian communication and other application administration

PlantESP helps users sort out information and focus on business and technical key performance indices that are actionable, including:

  • Mechanical
  • PID tuning issues
  • PID-driven node interactions

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