Designers Unveil a More Attractive Exercise Bike

The stool.D essentially combines an IKEA stool with a DeskCycle.

A team of designers out of the Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering at UNIST has developed the stool.D, a futuristic bike-inspired piece of furniture. Essentially it’s an IKEA stool with a DeskCycle.

According to the designers, the stool.D is the convergence of technology and art used to create futuristic furniture that is stylish and functional.

The designers hope that the stool could revolutionize the way people exercise. On a base level, I understand the design: you buy a fan bicycle for the home, and it's never seemed so large and obnoxious until you're looking for a place to put it.

This stool is designed to resemble the letter "D," and it’s also equipped with LED lights that rotate around the hull to add a “fun element."

The stool.D was recently showcased at Dubai Design Week 2018 with 149 other "life-changing inventions," like a leg-lift recliner and a couch with that pulldown machine Lincoln Hawk had in the cab of his truck.

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