New Joint Venture Aims to Become Top Battery Maker

Holtec International and Eos Energy Storage will establish Hi-Power LLC’s manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh.

Eos Es
Eos Energy Storage

A pair of energy companies aims to establish one of the country’s largest battery manufacturers to produce its next-generation energy systems.

Eos Energy Storage and Holtec International announced the formation of a new joint venture known as Hi-Power LLC, as well as plans to establish a production facility in Pittsburgh.

Officials from Holtec, a global energy technology firm based in Florida, said Eos’ system offers “the best market alternative to lithium-ion.”

“Holtec will team with Eos in making Hi-Power one of the largest battery manufacturers in the U.S.,” Holtec President and CEO Kris Singh said in the announcement.

Eos, based in New Jersey, says the next generation of its aqueous zinc batteries can operate at temperatures from 5 degrees Fahrenheit to more than 110 degrees without the need for external heating or cooling. The batteries also do not pose risks for fires or explosions, and are not comprised of costly, toxic rare earth materials.

The joint venture will combine the companies’ respective backgrounds in automation and manufacturing, as well as provide Eos with access to Holtec’s sales expertise and market reach.

Eos CEO Joe Mastrangelo said the new company hopes to help meet “the rapid global growth of battery storage.”

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