Tesla Has Sold 200,000 Cybertrucks

To hold a place in line, buyers only need to fork over $100.

AP Photo

On November 21, 2019, Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the company's new Cybertruck at the company's design studio in California.

Since the announcement, Tesla has received 200,000 orders for the new electric pickup truck, according to Musk.  

Musk says the futuristic vehicle will be the last new product launch for the automaker "for a while." However, the company is still planning new technology announcements in 2020.  

The unveiling was met with mixed reviews, with many commenting on the vehicle's sharp angles. Musk says the Cybertruck is so planar because of limitations with the stamping process. "You can't stamp ultra-hard 30X steel, because it breaks the stamping press," Musk said via Twitter. "Even bending it requires a deep score on the inside of the bend, which is how the prototype was made." 

To hold a place in line, buyers only need to fork over $100.  

The Cybertruck is scheduled to enter production in 2021, and starts at $39,900.  

Receiving 200,000 orders in less than a week is impressive, particularly when you consider that, other than the unveiling, the company hasn't invested in any advertising or paid endorsement.

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