GM Reimbursing Buyers Who Overpaid for New Blazer EV

The highly anticipated rollout has been mired with problems.

Putting out a first generation vehicle is hard for even the most seasoned automakers but, despite the risks, there are always early adopters who line up to buy it first.

Such is the case with the Chevy Blazer – a well known brand that’s been redesigned from the ground up in order to hit the market as an electric. But unfortunately for GM, the highly anticipated rollout, which began in the middle of last year, has been mired with problems – so much so that the company had to issue a temporary stop sale on the model.

But GM wants the Blazer to come back with a clean slate: after the automaker spent months fixing multiple issues, including those relating to software bugs and charging problems, the stop sale was lifted with a nice little bonus for buyers – a lower price point.

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GM dropped the Blazer EV’s MSRP by as much as $6,500 on the all wheel drive LT trim. But it’s not leaving its early adopters out in the cold.

One of these was the team of auto writers at Edmunds, who purchased one of these Blazer EVs in December, only to endure a troubled experience before fixes were applied. The Edmunds team, who says that their Blazer has been working well since the repairs, reportedly received a letter from GM offering to reimburse them for the higher sum they forked over for the vehicle. Meaning, they were entitled to a check for $5,620 now that their roughly $60,000 vehicle sells for just north of $55,000.

It seems that GM is acknowledging that it needs to take care of those customers who took a chance on the brand new electric, warts and all, perhaps as a sign of good faith for the future: GM has plans to release its hotly anticipated Equinox electric later this year in an increasingly crowded market for SUVs, meaning no willing buyers can be taken for granted.

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