How EV Racing Has Improved with Better Battery Tech

For example, Formula-e drivers can finish the race in the same car they started with.

Industrial Equipment News recently got a chance to check out Formula-e, the world’s first fully electric racing series with cars that can hit speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, all powered by batteries. While we were at this year’s U.S. Formula-e race in Portland, Oregon, we had a chance to sit down with several executives from ABB, the title sponsor and official charging partner for Formula-e. We were able to dig deeper into ABB’s work with Formula-e and how it fits with the company’s broader efforts around vehicle charging and clean energy technology.

Here’s our interview with Michael Plaster, executive vice president and lead business manager of Electrification U.S. at ABB. He took us through ABB’s work with Formula-e, which has continually evolved since the series began in 2014. Drivers previously had to switch out cars once the battery died halfway through the race but are now able to complete races on a single charge.

Plaster also discussed ABB’s recent acquisition of EVE Systems, a smart home technology company.

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