ABB Pursues a More Automated, Sustainable Future with EVE Systems Acquisition

The technology has the potential to change how people run their households.

Industrial Equipment News recently got a chance to check out Formula-e, the world’s first fully electric racing series with cars that can hit speeds of up to 200 miles per hour, all powered by batteries. While we were at this year’s U.S. Formula-e race in Portland, Oregon, we had a chance to sit down with several executives from ABB, the title sponsor and official charging partner for Formula-e. We were able to dig deeper into ABB’s work with Formula-e and how it fits with the company’s broader efforts around vehicle charging and clean energy technology.

Here’s our interview with Catherine Daubert, product marketing director for Smart Buildings at ABB. We talked about the company’s recent acquisition of EVE Systems, which makes consumer-facing products for the smart home and automation market.

Together, they’ll push for more interoperability across systems and devices in the home, which will help make home automation more seamless for consumers and hopefully drive further adoption. And if consumers embrace more home automation, it could potentially help reach sustainability goals as energy consumption levels rise.

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