Gen Z in Manufacturing: There Hasn’t Been Enough Push to Pull Teens into Manufacturing

See how a 17-year-old high school student views robotics, engineering and manufacturing.

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Welcome to another episode of Gen Z in Manufacturing, a podcast where I interview young people about their journeys in the manufacturing industry.

For this episode, I welcome Ava Raugust, a 17-year-old bilingual agriscientist and engineer. Raugust is currently a high school senior in California, where she is the president and co-founder of her high school’s robotics team.

Raugust’s experience and accomplishments include an internship with DPR Construction, a first place finish in the high school division of the SME Digital Manufacturing Challenge and, most recently, recognition by SME as one of the 2023 “30 Under 30” honorees.

In this episode, Raugust discusses:

  • Interest in robotics (:57)
  • How an internship inspired a dream job (1:50)
  • The influence of mentors and teachers (3:25)
  • How different generations collaborate (4:58)
  • Challenges high school students face when pursuing careers in the industry (7:15)
  • What is discouraging young people from going into the manufacturing industry (7:55)
  • Four-year degrees versus trade/vocational schools (11:30)
  • What technologies will soon dominate manufacturing and engineering (13:51)

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