Security Breach: How Hackers Are Targeting Vehicles and Fleets

EV charging stations, telematics and infotainment offer tremendous benefits — and security vulnerabilities.

Typically, when we talk about the expanding attack surface being created by new, exciting and efficiency-driven technology, we’re referencing digital transformation’s impact on the plant floor and throughout the manufacturing enterprise.

Today, pun intended, we’re shifting gears to examine another operational technology environment that will continue to have a huge impact on cybersecurity strategies and vulnerabilities throughout manufacturing – the automotive sector. Advancements in Bluetooth and other connectivity-driven functionality has turned your vehicle into a hub for communications, entertainment, commerce, and more – and the hackers know it.

According to Upstream and their 2003 Global Automotive Cybersecurity Report, the number of API-focus automotive hacks increased by 380 percent last year.

In this episode we discuss these trends with Shachar Azriel, Vice President of Data at Upstream, a provider of automotive cybersecurity and data management solutions for connected vehicles and smart mobility services.

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