Security Breach: Avoiding 'Shiny New Objects'

Assessing the priorities, assets and technology strategies that make cybersecurity a journey, not a destination.

A recent report from OT cybersecurity solutions provider Cyolo discussed several factors related to secure remote access in the industrial sector. Specifically, it identified a lack of visibility, insufficient user education and training, and weak access control as the top three cybersecurity deficiencies currently facing Cyolo’s industrial customers – all of which were referenced by more than 50 percent of those surveyed. 

Cyolo also reported on the most highly implemented solutions, which survey respondents identified as defense in depth, network segmentation and multi-factor authentication. 

The guest for this episode is Matthew Cosnek, senior business development manager of OT cybersecurity services at Eaton – a leading supplier and manufacturer of motion control and power management systems and components. He offers some unique perspective on a number of these topics, and we were also able to delve into the growing use of artificial intelligence, secure by design initiatives, state-sponsored hackers, and much more.

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