Oshkosh Challenges $231M Army Contract

The deal covers 20,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and around 10,000 trailers.

Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense this week announced that it has filed a formal bid protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) after the U.S. Army awarded a follow-on contract valued at $230.9 million to a competitor. 

In early February 2023, the U.S. Army picked South Bend, Indiana-based AM General to build some 20,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles and around 10,000 trailers. Oshkosh and AM were the only two bidders for the contract, and Tim Bleck, president of Oshkosh Defense, says he has "significant concerns" over the process. 

According to Bleck, the concerns come after Oshkosh participated in the government’s post-award debriefing process. He says the government didn't "properly review the financial, technical and manufacturing capabilities offered to select the best value and lowest risk solution to deliver the JLTV.”

Oshkosh initiated an independent GAO review of the procurement decision on Monday. 

AM General won a five-year contract with an additional five-year option to make the JLTVs and trailers. Some of the tech enhancements AM plans to bring to the table include enhanced corrosion protection and improved fuel efficiency as well as developments for an updated Next Generation Vehicle Architecture.

AM will manufacture the JLTVs at the company's 96-acre Mishawaka Manufacturing Campus in Indiana. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in mid 2024 with an estimated contract completion date in February 2033. 

As the incumbent manufacturer and original designer of the JLTV platform, Oshkosh Defense believes its experience and established production infrastructure stood above the competition. The GAO should have a ruling in June 2023.

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