'The Industry's Attack Surface Has Exploded'

Expanded connectivity has produced security gaps that are easy money for hackers.

The surge in cyberattacks experienced by the industrial sector has been credited to a number of issues ranging from outdated security software to lagging protocols surrounding data access and storage. But, according to today’s guest, one of the main reasons we’ve seen an uptick in these attacks could simply be because they’re more profitable.

Joel Burleson Davis is the CTO of SecureLink – a leading provider of secure access management solutions. He notes that in addition to manufacturing being the second-most targeted sector, it offers the largest average payout for ransomware attacks. 

So the industrial sector now faces the multi-faceted realities of attacks that are more complex, Russian hackers more emboldened by the Ukrainian conflict, and a greater number of vulnerabilities stemming from an uptick in connected devices throughout manufacturing.

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