Stellantis Again Hit by String of Thefts

Thieves broke into storage lots and made off with Challenger Hellcats, Ram pickups and a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Reports recently emerged regarding the theft of brand new vehicles from factory storage lots in the Detroit area, and unfortunately, it’s not the first time.

In 2018, Fiat Chrysler fell victim to a rash of thefts from secure holding areas where robbers made off with brand new Jeeps, Ram pickups and Challenger Hellcats. At the time, local police hadn’t ruled out an “inside job,” saying that it appeared the thieves knew where they were going and what they were looking for — and that it could have been a current or former employee.

But time has passed, and a lot has happened for Fiat Chrysler, including a complete brand and name change.

New name, new me? Not in this case. Fresh off a merger with the French PSA Group and newly minted as Stellantis, the company is again dealing with strikingly similar thefts.

According to AutoBlog, a wave of thefts have hit Stellantis factory storage lots in recent weeks, with more than a dozen vehicles going missing, including Challenger Hellcats, Ram pickups and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk.

Detroit news channel WDIV Local 4 says thieves appear to be sneaking into privately owned secure storage lots and escaping with the vehicles by ramming through the gates. One Ram even smashed into a semi truck on its way out.

According to WDIV, the vehicles being targeted are pushing the six-figure mark in list price. And despite a heavy security presence described by the news station, who confirmed it using drone footage, the lots will still receive additional police patrols over the coming weeks.

Stellantis told WDIV that “as this is an open investigation, the company is not commenting any further on what vehicles were stolen or how they were stolen.”

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