Ford Beats Out Tesla for Top EV Honor

The Mustang Mach-E topped Consumer Reports’ rankings for 2022.

Tesla can be credited with establishing the electric car as a viable mode of transportation.

But after many years, the rest of the global auto industry may be finally catching up to its electric vehicles.

Consumer Reports recently released its list of the best cars of 2022, and a conventional automaker dethroned Tesla as the top EV.

The publication wrote that Ford’s Mustang Mach-E was more reliable, more practical, quieter and less complicated than the Tesla Model 3.

The Mach-E also gained points for a driver assistance system with effective driver monitoring — something that didn’t apply to Tesla’s embattled “Autopilot.”

Tesla has dominated the publication’s EV category, and the Model 3 held the top spot in each of the past two years.

Consumer Reports stressed that the Model 3 remained “a great choice,” but said Tesla’s higher-end Model Y struggled with reliability issues.

In particular, CR wrote that owners complained about paint, hardware, power equipment and “body integrity” issues on the Model Y.

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