The Last Gas-Powered Bugatti

Just 40 customers will be able to buy the $4.7 million Bolide.

The Bolide from French automaker Bugatti is getting a production version.

The concept version is an 1,800-horsepower, 16-cylinder supercar capable of reaching speeds north of 300 miles per hour. 

It also might mark the end of an era. According to CNN Business, the Bolide will likely be Bugatti’s last gasoline-powered car as it becomes part of a joint venture with Croatian electric supercar manufacturer Rimac near the end of the year. 

Just 40 customers will be able to buy the car, whose name comes from French slang for “very fast car.” The price tag reads 4 million Euros, which equals $4.7 million. 

Official horsepower will be lower than the concept version at 1,600 — the reason being the production car’s engine was rated using 93 octane fuel, a fuel available at public gas pumps. The concept version was rated with 105 octane racing fuel, so don’t expect to see this speedster cruising down city streets. The Bolide was designed for track driving only, which means the 1,800 horsepower could be reached with the racing fuel. 

It’s not too tall either, measuring at just over three feet high. Getting in offers a bit of a challenge — occupants are forced to sit on the door sill and put their legs inside before fully entering. 

Most of the car is made from lightweight carbon fiber and titanium alloys. The concept version aims to weigh as little as possible, just over 2,700 pounds. Amenities such as luxury and comfort were disregarded in order to stay light. 

Bugatti's Americas COO Cedric Davy thinks some buyers may purchase it just to leave it parked and admire it. 

Bugatti is going to complete the planned 500 Chiron models before the Bolide is put into production in 2024. 

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