Flexible-Screen TV Features Shocking Price Tag

LG's latest TV can be neatly folded away when not in use — but the austere aesthetic comes at a heavy price.

When LG first unveiled its newest concept for TVs, the clutter-phobics of the world swooned: an innovative rollable screen meant the television could tuck quietly into the ceiling when not in use, allowing consumers with an austere design aesthetic to pretend they didn’t even have a Netflix account.

And now, LG has announced it will soon make its LG Signature OLED R product, a television that uses the rollable screen but inverts it so “it can disappear into a stylish brushed aluminum box that includes the power supply, AV connections including HDMI 2.1, and a 4.2 speaker setup with Dolby Atmos.” Gizmodo says the box can also be used as a stereo when you don’t want the screen deployed.

The company said it was putting the rollable TVs into production this year and that they’d be available sometime in 2020, a timeline which is truly coming to fruition … with one glaring problem for the tech geeks that have been chomping at the bit: the price is insane.

LG has announced that it will soon make the OLED R available in South Korea for 100 million South Korean won, which equates to about $87,000 U.S. dollars.

And while LG is calling the product “a turning point in TV history,” one wonders how many takers there will be for a first-generation product that costs as much as a Mercedes. That must be why LG is working hard to emphasize its exclusivity, saying in a press release the product is “a masterpiece that will be appreciated by customers who demand the very best and can recognize the true value of game-changing innovation.”

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