Electric Motorbike Inspired by WWII Aircraft

An Indonesian design firm outfitted the EV-500 to look like a P51 Mustang.


The EV-500 is a new electric motorbike from Indonesian design firm Katalis.

Inspired by World War II fighter aircraft, the bike is built off the Selis Garuda Electric Motorcycle. They took your mom's grocery-getter and wrapped it in 6061 aluminum to make it look like a P51 Mustang aircraft.

The bike is a "micro-mobility solution" built to adapt to changing societal lifestyles, which means it's smaller and electric. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people โ€” at least in Indonesia โ€” have begun to change their lifestyles to focus on personal, societal and global health. The designers at Katalis see this as a further push from fossil fuels to electric power. 

The EV-500 has a retro-style with analog instruments, from the voltmeter to the light switch.

The company introduced the bike in early April as part of the Indonesian International Motor Show (IIMS) Electric Vehicle Competition 2020. 

Next, the company will continue to innovate. They stress that even though many of us are under safer-at-home quarantines, we can still make, innovate and learn.

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