St. Louis-Kansas City Hyperloop Moves Forward

Missouri lawmakers voted to make the project eligible for state grants.


The state of Missouri hopes to be a pioneer in the use of Hyperloop technology for transportation.

Hyperloop uses low-pressure tubes that levitate magnetically. They can transport passengers at speeds of up to 640 mph.

Earlier this month, the Missouri House of Representatives voted to allow a Hyperloop project to be eligible for state grants.

St. Louis is one of several cities to advance in a bid to win a test track and research center. The project has been supported by key lawmakers who commissioned a study that suggests bringing Hyperloop to the state could generate more than 17,000 jobs.

If the project succeeds, cost estimates to build a full Hyperloop system across the state range from $30 million to $40 million per mile.

Eventually, the state hopes to connect Kansas City and St. Louis. The four-hour drive would be reduced to a Hyperloop trip of less than 30 minutes.

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