BinMaster BM-25 Diaphragm Switch

It alerts operators to high or low levels or when chutes or conveyors are clogged.

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Climbing ladders to check bin levels is stressful. Repeatedly checking to see if bins are full is tiresome. BinMaster recently unveiled a new sensor to solve these common issues. The BM-25 bin level indicator provides a new way to manage materials in bins or silos.

It alerts operators to high or low levels or when chutes or conveyors are clogged. It is a simple and convenient way to stop overflowing product or wasting valuable material in the bottom of a bin. BinMaster eliminates the need to stop and ask, “Is a bin full yet?”

Ideal for bins and silos, the BM-25's simple mechanism activates a sensitive micro-switch to indicate when material reaches the level of the switch in the bin. The pressure switch alerts when it senses high or low levels.

Typically, it is wired to a light, horn or alarm panel. The switch has a silicone diaphragm and is enclosed in a nylon housing, designed to increase durability. There are models to mount internally or externally. Its corrosion-free polymer construction is perfect for ag cooperatives or any business storing dry bulk solids. It provides monitoring levels of material like corn, soy, wheat, milo, wood, plastic, crops, rice, powders, landscaping materials, and aggressive chemicals like fertilizer pellets.

The BM-25’s goal is to answer the long-asked question, “is it full yet,” with an affordable and convenient  solution. Farmers and ag workers are now safer, by eliminating repeated climbing to measure material. The BM-25 diaphragm switch takes the guesswork out of material management and is a better way to utilize manpower.

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