Draw-Wire Sensor

Monitor the synchronization control of telescopic platforms.

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Lifting systems such as telescopic platforms consist of two cassettes which are operated independently of each other when the vehicle is lifted. The support arms must always be kept at the same lifting height so that the load distribution and the height level of the vehicle remain the same.

In order to ensure this, the lifting platform requires synchronization control. For this, AUTOPSTENHOJ GmbH relies on sensor technology from Micro-Epsilon to measure the height. Modern lifting systems for passenger cars are the central operating equipment in car workshops and allow free access to the underbody of vehicles for maintenance, repair and servicing work. 

For electronic synchronization monitoring, draw-wire sensors are used. They are easy to integrate, very compact and offer high accuracy in addition to the large measuring range. For displacement measurement, the sensor is mounted on the lowest cylinder tube of the telescopic cylinder with the opening facing downwards. This prevents dirt or liquids from getting into the inside of the sensor. 

The steel cable with wire extension is guided from the sensor via deflection pulleys into the cylinder tube. A robust aluminum housing protects the draw-wire sensor.

Micro-Epsilon provides a large number of other suitable draw-wire sensors for the same or similar applications, such as those with a robust plastic housing. In addition to the high operational reliability and long service life, these sensors offer an excellent price/performance ratio, particularly for larger volumes in serial applications. 

For optimal integration, a comprehensive range of accessories such as deflection pulleys, wipers and ceramic bushings for diagonal pull, as well as a wide variety of output signals adapted to the respective control system, are available.

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