Cube Encoders with Magnetic Measurement Platform

Drop-in replacements for traditional cube designs.

Press Photo Cube Encoder Posital

Cube encoders — incremental rotary encoders with a cube-shaped housing — have been popular with machine builders since the 1960s, largely because these devices are easy to install without special mounts or brackets.

Posital has updated this old favorite with new features and capabilities that will keep this design relevant for years to come. Posital cube encoders are built around the company’s versatile magnetic measurement platform. The measurement module inside the cube provides high levels of accuracy and dynamic response in a rugged package that is tolerant of shock and vibration loading, dust and moisture. 

Best of all, these measurement modules are programmable. Resolution (number of pulses per revolution) can be set anywhere from one to 16,384 pulses per revolution by simply updating the devices’ software, with no changes to mechanical components. 

Similarly, pulse direction and the output driver — either Push-Pull (HTL), RS422 (TTL) or Open Collector (NPN) — are defined through software. Device programmability is especially significant for distributors, system integrators or machine builders since it helps them control inventories. With programmable devices, they can hold a relatively small stock of “standard” models and set them up for specific applications on an as-needed basis. 

Posital’s cube encoders are designed to be used as drop-in replacements for traditional cube designs, with identical mechanical dimensions and interfaces. 

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