Mechanical Linear Actuators Come Pre-Assembled, Ready to Use

They allow for adjustments without a complex process of parts selection, design and assembly.

Fixtureworks Sized

Fixtureworks (Fraser, MI) now offers a line of mechanical linear actuators. These mechanical linear actuators are pre-assembled and ready to use. No part selection, no designing and no assembly is necessary on these simple to use manual linear actuators. The carriage moves along with the rotation of the shaft. The internal parts are protected from dust by its aluminum profile body and dustproof sheet. There are different types of linear actuators available such as a standard size or a compact type with a lighter body and for use in smaller spaces. They are available for use as a single unit or as a linked, synchro-use dual unit.

The standard or traditional mechanical linear actuators come with a single carriage that moves along with the rotation of the shaft. They can be used horizontally or vertically.

A variety of accessories are available that are made for use with Fixtureworks mechanical manual linear actuators, such as adaptor shafts that are designed to extend and adapt the diameter of shafts of the compact mechanical linear actuators, shaft locks that can be used to prevent actuator shafts from rotating. T-Nuts, stops and groove covers are also available., 888-794-8687

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