Electric Belt-Driven Base Slides

High-capacity, enclosed design with exceptional moment and load capability.

PHD Inc.

PHD announces the release of the PHD Plus Series ESU Electric Belt-Driven Base Slides.

The series feature a robust, enclosed design with a high-capacity rail bearing system to deliver exceptional moment and load capability.

Available in three sizes, with travels lengths up to 5,500 mm and speeds to 5,000 mm/s, these electric base slides can be combined to create virtually any system to meet your Cartesian robot needs.

Other benefits include:

  • HTD8 steel reinforced polyurethane belt for improved performance

  • Magnetically secured stainless steel sealing band providing IP54 ingress protection

  • Dual saddle option that doubles the load capacity and increases pitch and yaw moment capacities.

For more, visit www.phdinc.com/esu.

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