Oil-Injected Screw Compressor

Features a new state-of-the-art compression element.

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Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco recently launched the latest air compressor range in the smart AIR solutions portfolio.

The GA 110-160 VSD+ oil-injected screw compressor range features a new state-of-the-art compression element and was designed to provide triple benefits when it comes to efficiency, encompassing energy, service and uptime.

The new models in the range are, on average, 12% more efficient than the previous, industry-leading generation. Further design advancements include Smart Injection technology, ensuring that just the right amount of oil is working with the element, coupled with the highly efficient, ultra-premium, oil-cooled, IE5 permanent magnet motor. 

Optimum efficiency is achieved through a highly efficient drivetrain, low internal pressure drops and precise control. The pressure/flow bandwidth capability ensures maximum efficiency across a wide range of load demands without idling or losing efficiency or uptime.

The new GA 110-160 VSD+ features a patented portal design, which enables full access to all components when more extensive maintenance is required. All four panels on the compressor can be easily removed to aid the process. These design features reduce the average service time by 50 percent compared to similar designs.

The service intervals for the new GA 110-160 VSD+ have increased from 4,000 hours to 8,000 hours. 

With high efficiency and reliability in the toughest conditions, these compressors are well suited for the mining industry, metal processing and power plants.

For more, visit https://www.atlascopco.com.

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