IoT Gateway Solution for Smart Machine Innovations

Cloud-based network technology allows users to connect to nearly any controller and database.

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation
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Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Mitsubishi Electric Automation announces a new IoT Gateway, a network technology that allows the secure connection of machine assets to cloud services or an on-premises server for remote monitoring and visualization.

The IoT Gateway is designed to assist organizations in meeting business objectives and revenue goals by providing access to production information to reveal operational insights and gain business intelligence, allowing OEMs to further optimize machine design, and help end users drive down production costs.

The IoT Gateway is an adaptable solution that provides connectivity to nearly all devices and enterprise systems in the marketplace, as well as up to five programmable logic controllers (PLCs) at a time. Applications include: 

  • Management of consumable materials
  • Machine remote services
  • Contextualized visualization
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Cellular connectivity to remote machines

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