Analytics Platform for Industrial Control Systems Security

An appliance for serial communications-based ICS/SCADA control networks.

Cynash St Appliance Cmyk300dpi

Cynash Inc. announces the commercial availability of its Cynalytic analytics appliance for serial communications-based ICS/SCADA control networks.

The combination of Cynalytic and Cynash’s SerialTap sensors brings new visibility and analysis to serial communications — shedding light on ICS cyber blindspots and helping to reduce the risk of cyber-physical damage to this critical infrastructure.

Cynalytic consists of a rack-mount hardware appliance, along with all the application software needed to set up, manage and analyze data, and includes a powerful suite of data visualization and dashboard tools to help users monitor and make sense of historically unmonitored and unprotected serial communications.

Device and data management capabilities include:

  • Remote configuration and management of sensors
  • Encryption and authentication of monitored data
  • Serial traffic alert monitoring and deep packet inspection of ICS protocol data
  • Industrial system health monitoring
  • Asset and cluster management and more

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