Electronic Vacuum System

Ultra-fine H12 immediate containment option for cleaning static-sensitive equipment.

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Digi-Key Electronics announces that it has expanded its product portfolio to include a global distribution of the Atrix Omega Supreme Electronic Vacuum.

The Atrix Omega Supreme Electronic Vacuum is an excellent ultrafine H12 immediate containment option for cleaning static-sensitive equipment, addressing dust, foreign object damage (FOD), and other contamination concerns. The vacuum and accessories are ESD-safe which provides a static path to safely ground and removes dangerous static electricity that may damage sensitive electronic parts.

The Omega Supreme Plus electronic vacuum features comprehensive ESD-safe accessory options, including ultrafine filtration, self-storage, and contained accessories, 1,000-hour rated Ametek Advantek II motor, 10’ detachable power cord, and a 10’ ESD-safe stretch hose. 

The one-gallon ultrafine filter has 43 pleat cellulose media and is 88 percent efficient at 0.3 microns. The ultrafine filter can capture dust, toner/color toner, and debris. The toolbox structure and self-contained accessories make this vacuum convenient for service technicians, contractors, and production engineers.

For more information, please visit https://www.digikey.com/

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