Two-Input Power Mux for IoT Applications

Designed for smart devices with backup power source.

Y3u9 M Rg H
GLF Integrated Power

GLF Integrated Power, the producer of ultra-low-power IQ Smart load switch ICs for portable and wearable electronics, introduces the GLF74130 input Power Mux IC that offers significant efficiency improvement over traditional diode-based solutions.

The tiny Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaged Mux provides automatic/manual selection between two 1.5V to 5.5V input power sources with up to 4.5A continuous output current. The device’s small footprint and industry-leading combination of low R ON (20 mOhms), low supply current (4 µA), and ultra-low standby current (50 nA) offers an exceptional solution for smart IoT devices and IoT tracking systems.

The GLF74130 supports both automatic and manual selection of power input, saving external components and GPIO that would otherwise be needed. The Device also features high ESD withstand capability (6kV HBM and 2kV CDM) to assure reliable operation.

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