Lightest Weight Multi-Position Ladder

Addresses weight concerns while providing stability and durability.

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Werner introduces the Multi-Position Pro Ladder, the company's lightest weight multi-position ladder with a 375lb. load rating per side.

The new five-position ladder addresses professional users’ need for versatility by offering a lightweight product that provides stability and durability for multiple application needs. 

The Multi-Position Pro Ladder was designed for versatility to both the professional worker and the home improvement enthusiast. The pro-grade multi-position ladder can be used on job sites for facilities maintenance, roof inspections, painting stairways, drywall, insulation installation and more.

The Multi-Position Pro Ladder is OSHA and ANSI approved and available in 4 sizes: 14 ft, 18 ft, 22 ft and 26 ft.

Additional features include:

  • POWERLITE Rails signify this is the lightest weight multi-ladder developed by Werner.
  • Telescoping capability that folds to a compact size.
  • Shatterproof J-Lock System reduces set-up time and allows for scaffold mode, without the need for a separate accessory.
  • Protected Springs and Hinges that increase the durability and longevity of the ladder.
  • Impact resistant push knobs for ease of use when altering position.
  • Slip resistant feet for safety on a wide variety of surfaces
  • Type IAA 375 lb. rating for support in every job site task.

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