Lubrication Engineers Introduces Easy Bar with Almasol

Easy Bar with Almasol features a unique blend of mineral and metal lubricants suspended in a solid polymer binder.

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Lubrication Engineers

Lubrication Engineers and Easy Bar have partnered to develop a new high-performance solid lubricant bar to help kiln operators solve their toughest lubrication challenges.

Easy Bar with Almasol features a unique blend of mineral and metal lubricants suspended in a solid polymer binder that melts at approximately 49°C (120°F). Almasol, LE’s exclusive solid EP additive, provides an extra layer of wear protection to the proven technology of Easy Bar.

When the bar is placed between the tire bore and shell, the binder melts – leaving no residue – and the rolling action of the kiln distributes the lubricant to create a film that protects against costly steel-on-steel contact.

Due to high temperatures and high loads, proper lubrication of the tire bore is essential to minimize shell ovality, protect wear pads and lengthen refractory life. The auto-ignition point of the bar is 538°C (1,000°F), one of the highest in the industry, which prevents dangerous flame-ups.

“With Lubrication Engineers and its large network of U.S. consultants and international distributors, we can reach even more kiln operators, helping them with a holistic approach that includes their other lubrication reliability needs,” said Clay Lockett, CEO of Easy Bar. “With our 30 years of serving the industrial lubricant marketplace, we are excited to partner with a great lubrication company that is focused on helping customers. Together, we will work to lower total cost of ownership for cement, pulp and paper, and other operations that use kilns and dryers.”

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