Building the Deepest Pool in the World

But the 148-foot DeepSpot, set to open this fall in Poland, is only expected to hold the title for a few months.

Some of the finest engineering minds in the world are currently working on the world's deepest pool.

People will soon be able to dive 148 feet into the DeepSpot. The pool, which is 16 feet deeper than the Deep Joy in Italy, is scheduled to open this fall in Poland.

The pool will use about 1,100 tons of steel to hold enough water to fill 27 Olympic swimming pools. It will also include an underwater tunnel, as well as underwater caves for scuba and diving training.

The DeepSpot will only be the deepest spot for about six months as the Blue Abyss in the U.K. is scheduled to reach 164 feet deep. It does look like the DeepSpot is more of a tourist destination or attraction, whereas the Blue Abyss in England will be primarily used for research, training and testing.

Must be a European thing; they sure do seem to like their deep spots.

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