Bike Balls Are Exactly What You Think They Are

The designers were fed up with normal bike LEDs that often fell off, were too small, and were often stolen.

As an avid cyclist with an body type that doesn't support the claim, I like to keep up on modern cycling technology and accessories — and I can't believe that it took me three years to see this one.

Bike Balls are dangling bike modifiers that were initially launched as a modest crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter back in May 2015. The company was seeking a little over $9,000 ($9,051) to manufacture these little man purses.

In less than three days, the project was fully funded, and it went on to raise $65,876.

The idea was created by a team of bold industrial designers/cyclists from Toronto who also happen to have a sense of humor. Because let's be honest, it took a set to make this set.

The designers were fed up with will normal bike LEDs that often fell off, were too small, and were often stolen. They came up with the concept because, according to them, it takes balls to ride in the city. Also, they probably saw TruckNutz.

Bike Balls have an LED inside of a silicone shell, which lights up the entire sack. The LED improved visible light from about 18 mm2 for average market solutions to 1,872 mm2.

Like their inspirations, Bike Balls were designed to sway, which makes them grab the attention of other drivers sharing the road. They also designed an asset-loss prevention solution, which helps prevent thieves from swiping your balls: wrapping up your Bike Balls with a zip tie.

Bike Balls retail for about $15, and have become the subject of a host of hilarious videos, not to forget the campaigns to improve testicular health awareness.

Oh, and I almost forgot to say how you turn them on ... you squeeze them.

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