Amogy Building 'World's First' Ammonia-Powered, Zero-Emission Ship

Amogy is currently retrofitting a tugboat that was originally built in 1957.

Amogy Ammonia Powered Tugboat

Amogy, a provider of emission-free, energy-dense ammonia power solutions, announced its plans to present its ammonia-powered, zero-emission tugboat in late 2023. Getting the first ammonia-powered vessel on the water signals a huge milestone in the journey to zero-emissions shipping, as ammonia is predicted to become the leading fuel source for the world's giant cargo ships by 2050.

Amogy is currently retrofitting a tugboat that was originally built in 1957, that uses diesel generators and electric motors, with its ammonia-to-power system. It will be outfitted with a 1-megawatt version of the unique system, three times larger than what has been field-tested on Amogy's ammonia-fueled semi truck earlier this year. Amogy's highly-efficient ammonia-to-power technology feeds liquid ammonia through its cracking modules integrated into a hybrid fuel cell system, which powers the electric motors for zero-carbon shipping.

Yara Clean Ammonia (YCA), one of the world's largest ammonia producers, and the largest trader and shipper of ammonia around the world, will be providing green ammonia for the demonstration. Ammonia, which does not emit CO2 when used as a fuel, is expected to become a next-generation fuel as it contains properties ideally suited for the hydrogen economy. Furthermore, green ammonia, which is produced with renewable energy, results in zero greenhouse gas emissions from "well to wake".

Other partners that are collaborating to bring the first ammonia-powered ship to life include Seam, Amogy's electrical systems integrator, C-Job Naval Architects, the independent ship design company integrating the ammonia system, and Feeney Shipyard, from whom Amogy sourced the tugboat, who will lead retrofitting construction, engine removal and more under supervision of C-Job Naval Architects. Additionally, Amogy is working with Unique Technical Solutions (UTS), its electrical and systems integrator from prior demonstrations, for the electrical and systems work involved in scaling up the powerpack for pre-commercial use.

The maritime industry is scrambling to replace dirty diesel fuel with cleaner alternatives. International shipping accounted for about three percent of global energy-related carbon dioxide emissions — a percentage that's expected to climb as more vessels deliver more goods and as other sectors reduce their share of global emissions. Amogy has developed a proprietary ammonia-to-power technology that converts ammonia to electric power effectively and efficiently.

Amogy has a deep commitment to safety and compliance, working with the United States Coast Guard and partnering with leading classification society DNV to ensure close alignment with all maritime safety standards.

To date, Amogy has raised $70 million in funding from strategic investors such as Amazon, Saudi Aramco, SK Innovation, AP Ventures and DCVC. Amogy intends to sail the tugboat later in 2023 in upstate New York, pending further safety testing and regulatory discussions.

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