App Lets You Summon Self-Driving Cars

Researchers were also able to drastically reduce the power needed to run the app.

Korean electric vehicle manufacturer IT Engineering has partnered with researchers at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute to create an app that can be used to control a self-driving car.

As you can see from the video, the small, two-seater smart car isn't going anywhere too quickly, but the software allows the user to not only call a self-driving car, but move it as well. The software enables the car to use sensors to produce and update a precise map of its surroundings in real-time, with an error rate of 10 centimeters — or nearly 4 inches.

The researchers have also managed to do all of this with a drastic power reduction. Because of the sheer amount of sensors and equipment, self-driving car concepts can require hundreds of watts of electricity. ETRI's application uses less than 100 Watts, about the equivalent of two laptops.

Next, the team is working on integrating deep learning, but does plan on sharing its data with other self-driving researchers and developers.

I mean, maybe it uses less power because it's driving a glorified golf cart. 

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