Log Book Reveals All the Cars That Sank on Felicity Ace

There were 561 VWs and 189 Bentleys on the ship, but that is just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s been a big year of cargo ship disasters, and so we’ll forgive you if you have a short memory for the individual catastrophes which have befallen global shipping in recent months.

If the name Felicity Ace jogs your memory, that’s probably because the horror of watching a ship catch fire and sink over the course of several days was amplified by its content: the ship was carrying millions of dollars in automobiles.

And we’ve learned a bit recently about exactly which vehicles have settled at the bottom of the ocean. Top Gear has found itself in possession of the manifest log from the Felicity Ace and it turns out there was more on board than the widely reported fleet of brand new luxury models from the likes of Audi, Porsche and Lambhorgini.

According to Top Gear, who admits the ship’s log was difficult to read, there were 561 Volkswagens on the ship, 189 Bentleys, 1,117 Porsches and 85 Lamborghinis… but there were also some seemingly random one-offs.

For example, the sunken ship contained one 2015 Ford Mustang, one 2014 Kia Soul, a 2018 Nissan Versa Note and 12 tractors.

Inexplicably, Felicity Ace was also transporting a 1990s-era Honda Prelude that was reportedly the 65th SiR model ever built. Top Gear also found a Facebook post attributed to the vehicle’s owner – a man referred to only as “Gary” – who claims he won’t receive any insurance money for his drowned vehicle because of “complications.”

Sorry, Gary.

On a brighter note, the last 15 copies of the Lamborghini Aventador ever – which also went down with the ship – will be replaced, as Lambo reported in March that with “great effort” they have worked to restart production on the discontinued vehicles and replace them for the owners who had them on order.

Let’s just hope for a smoother journey this time.

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