Furniture Maker Turns Mower into a Tank

Jason Hibbs' riding lawnmower now features moving tracks and a PVC potato cannon.

For me, it was a subscription to the WWE streaming network and all the behind-the-curtain intel on professional wrestling.

Thankfully, others, like Jason Hibbs of Millersburg, Ore., took a more constructive and creative approach to the extra time made available by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A custom furniture-maker by trade, Hibbs recently transformed his zero-turning-radius Toro riding lawnmower into a tank, complete with a PVC potato cannon capable of raining down spuds from a hundred yards out.

Hibbs’ downtime led him to create a frame composed of strategically placed two-by-fours and birch plywood. From there, he tapped into the skills of friend and neighbor Justin Chambers to fabricate moving tracks by re-purposing cargo straps and corrugated decking. The tracks use an axle that attaches to the lawnmower’s rear wheels in order to move.

The mower’s zero-turn operating controls allow it to move very similarly to a real tank or tracked vehicle.

Hibbs gave his creation the name "COVID Killer" and inscribed his son’s name, Iver, on the cannon. An olive drab paint job, white stars, and an axe and shovel on either side complete the authentic look. The name of Hibbs’ business – Bourbon Moth â€“ is also painted on the back.

While the frame doesn’t create any stability issues when cutting the grass, the tank’s oversized nature does make it nearly impossible to trim around trees and other features in the yard. With this tactical deficiency becoming a potential landscaping liability, Hibbs admits that the COVID Killer’s days on the domestic battlefield are probably numbered.

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